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What is Claimspot

What We Do

Claimspot is an Auto Claims Liaison.

We work on behalf of you, the insured.  Auto claims are time consuming and confusing for most consumers.  With one signature, we are able to facilitate the processing of your claim.  

Claimspot employees have professional experience in the claims department. We were claim representatives.  

Who knows the ins and outs of claim handling better than us?

Claimspot takes care of everything in the claim process:

  • Explain the clients policy and coverage
  • Explain Liability decisions
  • Mitigates damage and storage costs
  • Rental reservation
  • Repairs with preferred body shops vs. an outside shop
  • Repair labor hours and what that means for their rental coverage
  • The OIC, (other insurance company) and their responsibilities, also known as third party claims.
  • UM claims
  • Deductibles
  • Subrogation
  • MPC medical payment coverage
  • Advise on settlement offers


Most claims are a combination of property damage (auto) and BI (bodily injury).  We look forward to processing your claim.

Litigation, mitigation, subrogation

Litigation, mitigation, subrogation



This site does not provide legal advice.  The contents of Claimspot site such as text or images or information obtained from Claimspot licensures, and other material contained on the Claimspot website are for informational purposes only.  The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional advise.  Always seek the advice of your attorney if you have any questions regarding your claim. 

Claimspot employees are not public adjusters.  We act as a professional customer in the Auto claim industry. 

The purchaser agrees to hold harmless Claimspot and its employees from any and all decisions made by the customer.